Continuing the book signing saga

in the Guardian today. So if you’re feeling you could be Shakespeare, go in and comment. For the modest, a comment as yourself will do nicely, too.

3 responses to “Continuing the book signing saga

  1. Ha! I had Julie Christie sign my copy of The Go Between (now there’s a wonderful book about growing up I can read over and over again, and not just because my copy has been handled by the Blessed Julie – do many teenagers read it these days, I wonder?). But then, L P Hartley was long dead by 1987 and Julie Christie’s image – always an asset – appears on the cover.

  2. Great idea. I’d forgotten that actors would be good for signing the books connected with their films. I’ll be busy.

    To be truthful, I didn’t like The Go Between very much. It was a set book at university, and I just sort of read it and survived.

  3. A friend of mine was an extra in The Lord Of The Rings: The Return of the King. He was a crowd-scene orc, and appeared in one battle for about three seconds of screen time.

    His autographed photo was sold on eBay for around ten NZ dollars… AND IT WASN’T EVEN GENUINE. Someone faked it.

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