Just Michelle

Not everything in London is bigger. The tiny Rex Cinema is, well, tiny, but the perfect venue to launch Michelle Magorian’s new book Just Henry, seeing as it’s about films and the cinema.

Yesterday the place was full of people enthusiastic about Michelle and her books. Some I’d met before, and as usual there were some lovely new people to meet. The witch’s mingling skills are still in their infancy, but luckily Egmont employs hordes of pleasant people. And they are all so good looking!

And there was Michelle, who was reason enough to travel to London for. She’s really lovely, and was even willing to talk to the witch. Michelle has a past as Orinoco the Womble (the things you find out…), and as Paddington Bear, with hole-y boots.

There was a lot of mingling. The Rex also had the largest canapés we had seen. Would that be to make up for cinema size? Michelle read from Just Henry, in the cinema itself, and who better to do so than a professional actress? If I hadn’t already read the book, these extracts would have had me run for the nearest copy. Then we mingled some more, and Michelle signed books, and the food got larger still.

My only complaint would be that the promised chat in Norwegian didn’t take place. I don’t feel that going on honeymoon is excuse enough…

3 responses to “Just Michelle

  1. Alistair Spalding

    Beklarger meg Bookwitch! Vi skall snakkes nest gang- jeg lovet!

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