I was about to say something about boys and comics, when my sense of political correctness caught me in time. Daughter likes comics, and the witch used to read several regularly in her youth. The other two family members don’t seem to understand them at all, so the boy/girl thing is totally wrong, in fact.

Having been allowed to catch a glimpse of the DFC as David Fickling waved his folder around back in March, I have since struggled like mad to get any information at all. David did say I was welcome to call round and we’d talk about it, but I somehow didn’t see myself going all the way to Oxford even for David.

So it was nice to see that the Guardian Weekend had an exclusive preview of the DFC, with a short introduction by Philip Pullman. Philip is the other boy I had in mind, and it seems he’s been heavily involved with the comic, and has his own story, The Adventures of John Blake, which will appear monthly.


The preview left me feeling that maybe I must wield my credit card and start a subscription after all. This is the difficult thing with a comic, rather than a book. The book I can ask for a proof of, but one copy of the comic won’t be much help, and I can’t see them giving away an open-ended subscription.

And to Philip I will say that he needs to get on with Dust, and not fool around too much with comics.

6 responses to “Comics

  1. Would you believe that the page I was on just before popping in to see what you were up to was the Order Confirmation at dfc?

    I didn’t dare check to see what 42.99 pounds is in US dollars these days before placing my order for the 3-month subscription. I’ll know soon enough…when bill comes through.

    And now I’ll know what to tell my D Wed. on plane when she asks how much longer. Here. Take this sick bag. Make it into a flower. Oh yes you can. The Witch’s daughter made a lovely one. Yes, by herself. ALL by herself.

  2. Glad you want a sickbag flower too. It’s all the rave…

    Those pounds will be frighteningly close to $100 when you look. But if you think it’s a good idea, then I’m in good company, and I’ll tell the Resident IT Consultant that Laurie’s got it, so I can too.

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  4. First issue of the DFC arrived here this morning and has proved a huge hit. Big fight between my two boys (aged 10 and 8) and their sister (7) as to who should read it first. The internet add ons proved very attractive. The nice restful green leaf desktop background on my computer has been replaced by a very busy DFC one. You know the sort of thing – where you can’t see any of the icons. It was a very good idea to launch it during a school holiday.

  5. Now there’s a funny thing. When I typed in 8 and a close bracket in the message above it was transformed into a smiley face.

  6. You obviously have a smiley child. The email notification had an 8 in it.

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