How Agatha lost her memory

Did anyone else see the latest episode of Doctor Who? It was fun to see how many Agatha Christie book titles the script writers could fit into the one episode. And I must say that the explanation for Agatha Christie’s supposed memory loss when she disappeared in 1926 is one of the best. It explains it all.

This episode paid homage to Christie and period whodunnits and bodies in libraries and the whole caboodle. But it wouldn’t have been so good for those who run when they see a wasp, so I’m glad Doctor Who doesn’t rank highly with my wasp phobic friend S.

3 responses to “How Agatha lost her memory

  1. I try not to miss an episode of Doctor Who, but I missed this one (it’s on at a really awkward time on Saturdays, and then I only have a week to persuade my wife that we should watch one of the re-runs… try it sometime).

    At its best, the new Doctor Who is genius. My favourite of the previous series was the episode ‘Blink’ with the stone angels. Hide behind the sofa? Absolutely.

  2. What? You want me to persuade your wife? I don’t think so. Use a video recorder like we do.

    “Are you my Mummy?” Aarghh! I’ll have to blog about that episode one day.

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