And the winner is

Derek Landy.

I love Derek and I love Skulduggery, so the win was no surprise. But it would have been nice if it had gone to one of those authors who were present in Bolton Town Hall on Saturday morning. It was a friendly affair, with lots of children and parents and teachers in the audience.Jill Hucklesby

A lively Liverpudlian poet by the name of Terry Caffrey looked after things, and engaged even the Mayor in musical style poetry. The children talked about their favourite books, and introduced the authors, and generally did a good job. Some of them also won prizes for book cover designs and for a writing competition.Colin Bateman

After the prize ceremony all five authors present signed books, and they all had nice long queues, and I really approve of the piles of books some of the children were clutching. As the unofficial entourage of Nick Green, I have to say how pleased I am that all his Lulu printed copies of Cat’s Paw sold, and that’s not counting the ones I had bought. I’m still counting on those paying for my pension one day.Cat Weatherill

Did I set up that club for authors’ wives that I was talking about months ago? I feel Mrs Gatti will do well there.

6 responses to “And the winner is

  1. Just told my kids that Derek Landy had won another prize and my eight year old said ‘Well, it is a very good book’. We’ve only read the first one (found it in a charity shop having previously never heard of it) and they seemed to follow all the ins and outs of the plot while I got hopelessly lost. The way it should be I suspect, especially since they so enjoyed putting me right each night as to who was who. Looking forward to visiting Skulduggery Pleasant land on our next trip to Ireland.

  2. I’m surprised, pb. I’d have expected you to know all about Derek Landy.

    I agree with you about losing the plot. It must be an age thing. If you read my interview with Derek, which I did with two young readers, you will find how much cleverer they are, keeping track of everything.

  3. Wish I did know more about authors but, I suspect that, like most parents I just come across whats reviewed, book blogs and what is in things like the ‘Red House’ catalogue. Must be masses of stuff out there that I haven’t a clue about. Was trying to think of something I do have an encyclopaedic knowledge about but have drawn a bit of a blank – obscure Catholic saints, perhaps? Or the songs of Bing Crosby (my dad was obsessed by him). Don’t even have a good knowledge of classic children’s books since I was a non reading child. For example, my kids know and love the Phantom Tollbooth not because I read it as a child but because I came across it in Francis Spufford’s memoir. Have to rely on people like you to let me know what is out there – so please keep on doing this.

  4. Didn’t mean it badly… I just have you down as the type of parent who works hard on reading for the children.

    Would love to know more about both the saints and Bing (great voice).

    I’ll keep doing this, but I discover such big holes in my knowledge all the time, that I feel ashamed. I won’t be doing Mastermind any time soon, I can tell you. Red House led my buying for a few years when the children were young. Have done more Red House parties than Tupperware.

  5. Well done to Derek, but what a shame he wasn’t there! From my fond memories of Bolton a couple of years ago, I know he’ll have missed out on a great event.

  6. Yes, I think it would have been just the right kind of event for Derek. He’d have liked working with the children, and they could have worshipped at the altar of Landy.

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