Now strikes me as a good time to dip into the past, as far as my reading goes. With Celia Rees busy defending her most recent book Sovay, I hunted out the one that came before it, Pirates! from a few years ago. This is another of Celia’s historical adventures, and a wonderful story. I was reminded of it during my recent trip to Bristol, as that is where the book begins in 1722.

I think I would always love a story about pirates, but what makes this one rather special is that the pirates are female, and not just one token female, but two girls from widely differing backgrounds. This novel took me straight back to my childhood, when I devoured adventure books, and it’s got a nice whiff of Mutiny on the Bounty (another old favourite) about it.

Not appreciating Pirates of the Caribbean quite as much as Daughter, I don’t know how the stories compare, but there is a good traditional “slave owners and slaves” plot set in the West Indies, which also reminds me of older books.

This is a perfect choice for anyone who likes a good old fashioned adventure. Just writing about it has reminded me of someone who would love it.

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