Mixed characters

Was I alone in thinking of the Muppet Family Christmas while watching Doctor Who last night? There’s something about mixing the characters from more than one favourite television programme. It’s like a massive family get-together, of the fun kind.

Those Daleks make me think of cheese-graters with Christmas tree lights. Their leader – if that’s who he was – reminded me of Voldemort, which probably makes the good Doctor the Harry Potter of this adventure. And it’s always embarrassing when all your lady friends suddenly meet up together.

4 responses to “Mixed characters

  1. But is the Doctor really going to regenerate – that’s the question in our house.

  2. I doubt it. They just want us to worry for a week. David Tennant is contracted to play the Doctor next year, so how can he change?

  3. Course he won’t. Didn’t you spot the lingering camera shot on the preserved hand in a jar? I’m betting that’ll be the ‘it’s-a-million-to-one-shot-but-it-just-might-work’ when the regeneration process falters.

  4. Quite liked this in the Guardian.
    Some people get very, very earnestly anxious. Or are they pretending?
    Most people seem to think the hand has a (ouch) hand in things.

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