Faïza for July

Faïsa Guène

Very pleased to see Faïza Guène as July’s calendar girl. And particularly appropriate, as I’ve been chasing her new book Dreams From the Endz for a few weeks, and I it’s now on its way here. I believe it’s another Paris based story, and if it’s anywhere near as good as Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow, I’ll be happy. The Paris coincidence is a little strange, too, as I packed the Resident IT Consultant off there on Sunday.

I’d like to write lots more about Faïza, but I really must sort out a more convenient way to type ï and è. Any suggestions?

3 responses to “Faïza for July

  1. As you can see, WordPress don’t allow (can’t manage?) the è ï situation for the tags…

  2. Control and : held down together, then i for the i and control and `, then e for the e.
    Well, that’s how you do it on Word, but it doesn’t seem to work for comment boxes, so it might not work for blogs either. Unless you cut and paste …

  3. I am already copying and pasting like mad. But it seems a silly thing to have to do. And the tag function doesn’t like accents. It doesn’t seem to mind it when I go å ä ö, however, so it’s a little schizo, I’d say.

    And no matter how many lessons I went to at Apple, I could never quite master funny letters and things. Bit I would like to stop offending Adele, and add a dashing accent to her first e.

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