Flightsend by Linda Newbery is a summery book. Linda often does summers, and she does them well. I just can’t decide whether I would have liked to read Flightsend in the winter, when I could have dreamed of summers in the countryside, or if it’s better now that it is summer – supposedly – and I can get in the mood. But I don’t have the weather and I don’t have the countryside, and I mind. Dreadfully.


This is an old new book, i.e. it’s just been re-issued, which is a good thing, as I didn’t read it before. There’s a nice, soothing, calm feeling to Linda’s stories. Not much happens, in a way, but it doesn’t need to. In this case it’s about Charlie and her Mum, who move to the cottage called Flightsend, out in the country, just before Charlie sits her GCSEs.

They’ve had some bad things in their lives recently, and this is a new start. They adopt a stray lurcher, and Charlie finds a part time job. She deals with her Mum’s problems, and with some of her own. Things work out in the end, though not necessarily quite as you expect. I’m very grateful that the pond didn’t cause what I thought would be inevitable, as I was mentally holding my breath.

It’s a day-to-day kind of story, told in a charming way.

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