The DVD, and more Roman Mysteries on television

I am running out of titles for my “Roman Mysteries on television” ramblings.

Daughter and I were enjoying a leisurely browse in Heals on Tuesday, when she suddenly said that if we got the little bus now, we could catch the train and be home in time for the Roman Mysteries live. (I had set the video to record. I’m not that careless.) So we did. I even had time to put the kettle on for a much needed Earl Grey to go with it.

This time it was book number six, which was odd, as last time it was book eight. But maybe they know what they are doing? Thankfully they appear to have found us an Aristo, which will help no end with future plot developments. And if you are wondering; Flavia really was badly behaved in this episode of The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina. What I keep forgetting between each viewing, is the music, which is very imposing and powerful.

Roman Mysteries DVD 1

Afterwards we settled down with the new DVD of series one, and revisited The Secrets of Vesuvius yet again. Also had a little look at the extras you get with the DVD. You can tell how fast the child actors are growing, as they felt positively young in episode one, compared with today’s. And Pliny is always worth seeing.

Daughter must have been in a real Roman Mysteries mood, as she sheepishly asked if we could watch another episode before bed. The witch had things to do, but magnanimously allowed her young one to watch the aftermath of Vesuvius.                                                                       Obsessive.

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