Pieces of Meg

Here is the photo, which makes this make more sense. I stumbled across the link yesterday, but it was a little surreal without the illustrations. And as I get out so late these days to buy my paper copy of the paper, it was a while till I got to see what Meg Rosoff was describing.

Meg's things

Interesting. Not sure about the wine jugs. Still covet the little house, a bit. And very nice to see the young Meg.


4 responses to “Pieces of Meg

  1. That’s great! I found by going to the site that you can look at the picture gallery here:

    The one for Mike Leigh is fab too.

  2. You mean to tell me I didn’t need to climb up on a chair to photograph my newspaper? It’s something I rarely do, I hasten to add.

    Thanks, Sara. It seems the further away you live the better you are at finding things here.

  3. AH!!! You did have to photograph it! I’m in the US and had only seen the gallery. THank you witch!!!

  4. For you I’ll balance on my kitchen chair anytime.

    Just to think that you hadn’t seen it. Though I trust you have sometimes seen the originals lying around at home.

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