Staying ahead of Jacqueline Wilson

Blog stats are fascinating. They are nearly as good as the phrases in search engines that get me my customers. I meant to keep a little list of the most amusing ones, but it appears to me now that maybe I forgot.

Stats. My second most read piece is the Jacqueline Wilson interview. Not surprising, I suppose, as she does have a few fans out there, and it’s not a reflection on the quality of my writing. However, the most read piece is about me. Very flattering to come before Jacqueline. Third comes the piece with the graphic pictures of Artemis Fowl. And that sounds a lot ruder than it is.

Stats for searches tell a different story. There the witch is sandwiched between the aforementioned Artemis in third place, and his good friend Holly Short, who comes top. Now why would people look more for Holly than they would the witch?

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