Oz for August

Amos Oz

As Adèle Geras said in her comment to my post on Amos Oz last year, he is “one of the HANDSOMEST men you’ll ever see”. I agree, but feel slightly worried you ought not to drool over someone who writes about such serious issues. But it can’t be wrong to have someone as handsome as Amos for August’s calendar boy in the witch’s kitchen. Adèle pointed out my photo doesn’t do him justice, and she is right. I’m just grateful I got close enough to take a picture at all. Interestingly, as I was trawling google images the other day, I found an almost identical photo on another blog, so I wasn’t alone in my struggles.

4 responses to “Oz for August

  1. How lovely to see Oz as a pin-up! I was just looking at his autobiography the other day: TALES OF LOVE AND DARKNESS and this is a good chance to say to anyone who hasn’t read it that it is one of the very best books written in the last few years. Completely unputdownable and important too.

    I feel a sort of proprietory interest as we are very close in age and were both born in Jerusalem. His granny’s house was visible from the balcony of my granny’s house and the daughter of the family in the next door flat actually went to primary school with him in his class!

  2. Thanks, Adèle. You know everyone, and if you don’t, you can be relied on to nearly know them.

    Seeing as how you were in the calendar earlier this year, you can now lay claim to having shared calendar space with Amos Oz.

  3. As you well know, I’m not one to go to readings or signings, but for Oz I might be inclined to make an exception. I second Adele about his autobiography, which we’ve given over and over, both in English and German, as gifts in the last few years.

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