Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox

The ten second book. That’s all you get, but it’s the long kind of ten seconds. Before the ten seconds begin the reader meets a Kraken. I genuinely didn’t know about Krakens before last October or thereabouts, but ever since, they have popped up everywhere. I believe that by placing his Kraken in Finland, Eoin Colfer was fulfilling a promise to feature Finland in one of his books. If only he had got the sauna right…

Not to worry. Having outwitted the world’s best – or worst – criminals, there’s not a lot left for Artemis to do, except fight his own younger self. And when he does, you realise what a lovely boy he has grown into over the years. Artemis at ten is, well, interesting.

I’m convinced Eoin has got his time travelling a wee bit wrong. But, who cares? I loved Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox. It could count as the best one yet. It was almost as though Eoin regretted having given Artemis two little brothers, as he immediately dispensed with them by hurling Artemis back eight years in time.

The two Artemises (Artemii?) test their brain powers over the last Silky Sifaka Lemur of Madagascar. N°1 turns up to help, and quantum zombies are always a bonus in a story. Older and newer versions of Butler and Mulch Diggums make for interesting situations. “We’re all mad here.”

All great fun. And then there’s the kiss. We’ve been waiting for that, and now it’s over and done with. Fabulicious.

And “I think this merits more than a wow”. It does, but what can I say? Wow.

27 responses to “Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox

  1. Ever so jealous… I still haven’t gotten my mits on a copy.

    Looking forward to it 🙂

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  3. Quantum Zombies!! 😀

  4. I don’t know what they are, either. But it sounds good. Bet Eoin made them up.

  5. I’m a big fan of borth Artemis Fowl and time travel stories… and therefore I followed the time traveling precisely and as far as I know everything worked out in the end. no loose ends… exept for the very end but that was meant as a cliffhanger so that makes sense. very difficult to do with time traveling. GREAT book

  6. The moment I bought the book, I prayed that it was last one. Why? Because I suffer from OCAFD = Obsessive Compulsive Artemis Fowl Disorder. And now there has to be another one. *gets comfortable to wait for the sequel* Loved this book, has started rereading it already!

  7. Guus – well, if you’re sure. I did feel something hadn’t been considered, but can no longer remember what.

    Peggy – I was the last in the family to get to the book, so plenty of obsessed people everywhere. But we can’t live without Artemis! We need more. And more…

  8. well I didn’t find anything wrong 🙂 I could be wrong of course but I would like to know where I was wrong. or to cite the book “Present your arguments. I am ready” 🙂

  9. what about minerva

  10. The kiss was so unexpected and amazing.
    Loved the book.

  11. not bad. EC sets up his next book in the series…not bad at all. now holly and artemis HAVE to go together!!!

  12. I really wish he hadn’t made them kiss. She’s old enough to be his grandma and Artemis and Minerva make a much better couple.
    Maybe Holly could hook up with Trouble Kelp later?

  13. Suspect he had to get it out of the way, kind of thing. And I do feel Eoin got very mixed up with Holly’s age in the time travelling. I have this memory of Eoin telling me he might get Holly and Trouble together. That might be next.

  14. yup yup i totally agree with chloe. Sad…. it could have been awesome if minerva was involve. Sad to say she ceased to exist.Oh well, life goes on.

  15. wow this sucks…this is the only 1 i havent read so far…i read all your blogs….lol…now i cant wait to read it!!!!

  16. Greetings from Finland

    Awww… after reading the TP I was like: It’s already over? I got really hooked in it, which I haven’t really done with the previous ones. EC really does have some minor time travel mistakes, I think, but it really doesn’t count right? It’s a good book. The sauna thing though, I was amused 😉 In the morning? Please, almost nobody here does that. Maybe winter time, perhaps.

    Now about Holly and Artemis. THE kiss. I think they should have a chance. Even though Minerva is a “better option” so to speak. It just makes this series even more fun to read! And I’m nearly 18 here! ^^ But any idea when the next one is coming out?

  17. i recieved your copy of the Artemis Fowl the Time Paradox on Mon. 3 of nov. and I was so absorbed with the story it self that i finshed reading it in 5 hours that at the end I’m going crazy to figure out if either Artemis was brainwashed by the LEPs or if it was someone else that is remaining anymous for some reason and the part where Artemis Mom finds out about everything excellent turn in the story especially the part where Holly and Artemis kiss I can’t wait to see how Artemis will handle the affections of Holly and Minerva towards him it has me waiting with anxiety to get my hands on your next book.

  18. Yes, it’s hard when you’ve just finished one, and can’t wait for the next book. I wouldn’t expect too much romance, though, as I think Eoin feels many of his fans don’t want too much kissing and stuff.

  19. This book was incredible, i was very happy because i’ve never read minerva’s name, i hate her more than i have hated a character in my life.
    Adding the kiss, even if Holly is much older, the enough to be a grandmother, i loved it.

  20. now, i read the book, loved it as well as the other books, and yes the kiss with holly, was like something he NEEDED to add, in my opinion, cuz there is like this connection between them, but i don’t think holly and artemis will end up together if there is a seventh book, which has to be, cuz well, there are different species and she’s to old…, so i guess he will end up with minerva, and i will like to see holly with trouble then, and i’m begging artemis too realize how complicated holly’s life have being because of him, also i will like too see more of juliet, kind of miss her, and i will like her to get her memories of the people back, but oh well, i’m not the author, it’s up too eoin, but whatever he does i bet it will be good, and i wil love to see a seventh book, i’m just begging for it too happen.

  21. Artemisfowl_rox

    Whoever hasnt read this book are missing out on a LOT!but i dont see why people hate minerva so much because she was about as cruel and clever as artemis was at her age. is it because she was against artemis’s plan first or because she is not the main character? i want artemis to get with minerv because they are really alike.the freindship between Holly and Artemis is very special(i think). the dont love eachother, but are best friends-unique if you think about it.

  22. I own it. MUHAHAHAHA

  23. The kiss wrecked it for me. It’s one of the only series I know, that is good, without romance, and now I can’t say that anymore.(damn) SP was one too but now thats wrecked too……

  24. im failing to understand something. How did Opal in the future infect Artemis’s mother when she was in prison?

  25. Opal can do anything she wants.

  26. Emmesey Squire

    Future Opal (the one in jail) doesn’t infect Artemis’ mother, past Opal does. That’s where the paradox comes in because “[past] Opal wouldn’t even be in [Artemis’] present if he hadn’t gone back in time. And [Artemis] had only gone back in time because of a situation [past Opal] had created”.

    I love these time travel stories! And I agree with Guus, I’m pretty sure Eoin covered all the time travel bases (except the obvious ‘two’ Opals problem at the end, which I’m sure he’ll address in later sequels.)

  27. the best fan ever

    omggg i cant wait for the 8th book! Artemis NEEDS to end up with Holly! He obviusly likes her! Orion was flirting with her and saying things like (Artemis thinks about you all the time!) and OC dind’t add that for no reason.

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