Royals and design, disturbing cat news, and a horse incident

The witch has used a toothbrush mug of royal design for most of her life. Prince Sigvard Bernadotte designed a good many attractive household things during his life. I still covet one of his kitchen mixing bowls. We went to an exhibition of his designs yesterday, at the royal summer palace Sofiero. Nice gardens, too, and lovely café, if a little expensive.

Then it was on to the annual trip to the vets’, but for us it’s a social thing. We don’t need their care, just yet. Miss Vet soon disappeared off with the new copy of the Rolling Stone we’d brought (American boy band). Mrs Vet was unusually relaxed and had time to chat. We discussed her ideas for a vets and pets book, which I thought sounded just the thing. As long as her vetting activities leave her time for making books.

Mr Vet was very busy. At one time wearing a Prince Sigvard mixing bowl as he went for fresh tomatoes, he dashed between removing a cat’s eye on the operating table and making quiche for us, and then back to deciding on the future of another cat. The after dinner coffee was very rudely interrupted by the need to separate aggressive horse from timid horse out in the field.

I wouldn’t be a vet. Not even a grandmother Vet, as she has been known to drive around with dead dogs in her car. I suppose at some point it all becomes normal. Teaching Prince Sigvard’s great nephew Prince Carl Philip how to hide the dog’s medicine inside a prince sausage (standard Swedish kind of sausage) is another instance of the absurd life at a countryside clinic.

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