That Summer

Sarah Dessen’s first novel, That Summer, has such a good title. I’d been saving it as a treat for summer reading, so felt I had to hurry before autumn approaches far too fast.

It’s about weddings and relationships and growing up. For Haven (what is it with Americans and their names?) it’s literally about growing, as she gets taller by the week. Her sister is getting married, and the sister’s former boyfriend turns up again. The book is a little shorter than some of the later ones, and I wouldn’t have minded if Sarah had elaborated a little on some of the issues here. But it’s still a lovely read.

And can anyone enlighten me on the subject of Pop-Tarts, please? They turn up often, and I’m completely in the dark.

4 responses to “That Summer

  1. I’ve always known Pop Tarts as a breakfast food stuff, although I use food in the loosest sense of the word. Kind of like a jam-filled mutant biscuit-cracker with icing and sugar sprinkles on top that you heat up in the toaster and then proceed to burn all evidence that your tastebuds ever existed out of the inside of your mouth. Nice, in a depressing sort of way.

    MB x

  2. That sounds even worse than I’d feared!

  3. They taste like jam-filled cardboard. Actually, I’m not even sure that ‘jam’ is the right word: considering their popularity, I suspect an addictive agent is added to the filling.

  4. Pop tarts abide by the reverse law of physics that dictates the behaviour of creme brulee; in that they are the only structure known to science that can have a cool exterior and a core temperature hotter than fusing hydrogen nuclei.

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