Literary mugs

Son recently broke the news that he has purchased the Moomins on DVD. That will have to be the ultimate proof of the appeal of the Moomins, although personally I require the Swedish speaking Finnish version.

School Friend is a great fan of the Moomins. We invaded her house the other day (and night) and were treated to lovely tea, served in her Moomin mugs. Years ago, SF’s two daughters started the collection with two mugs, and it has grown to thirteen by now. I understand it’s so bad that SF can’t actually pass a new motif Moomin mug in a shop, without grabbing her wallet for yet another adoption. But then, you can’t possibly have too many mugs, when they look as adorable as these do.

SF herself will drink her tea from any of the mugs, as long as it’s the Little My one…

Apologies to the SF cats, who didn’t make the blog subject this time. We’ll get to you some other visit.

Moomin mugs


8 responses to “Literary mugs

  1. I drink my coffee out of the Little My mug every morning! They’re so beautiful!

  2. ooo ooo ooo *jumps*

  3. Mumin är nästan lika bra ämne som katter. Jag undrar hur många muggar det finns. ( Du får väl översätta om någon vill det, jag är för lat för att tänka till).

    Hello Alex! That coffee must taste really great!

  4. I saw one of these a few weeks ago in the clearance section of an Anthropologie store in Alabama — not where I buy my wardrobe, mind you, but a pleasant enough place to get out of the heat.

    I asked the clerk what other Moomin things she had. She hadn’t a clue what I was on about, but was glad when I explained because apparently no one who worked in the store knew why “that funny looking hippo thingy” was on a mug.

  5. Oh, dear. Nobody knows anything about anything, these days.

    Like me. What does one buy in an Anthropologie store? If it’s not clothes, and Moomin is languishing in clearance.

  6. These can be bought online too.
    Got mine from

  7. Thanks, Jill!

    At the Scandinavian Church Christmas bazaar a couple of weeks ago, there was this lovely throw featuring Moomin. I was very tempted, but felt I didn’t actually ‘need’ it.

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