Readers with good memories may recall the BMW in my holiday garage, which causes the grass to be cut when I’m not there.

I should obviously never have mentioned it, as this time round I got a surprise when I opened the garage door. There was space! It was clean! In other words, the BMW was gone. In its place was a small, blue, boy’s bicycle. The bike seemed quite happy, standing with some bigger bikes that have lived there for much longer.

I was slightly worried as to whether I should admit to the car owner that I’d lost his car, but soon afterwards there was an invitation to come and eat salmon sandwiches, and it seems the BMW went voluntarily. How, is another matter, as the battery must have been long dead, and the tyres were not in a good state.

But at least the annual carrying of garden furniture between garage and deck should prove easier now. Single-handedly hoisting a heavy table over a non-moving car requires a lot of skill with the wand.

One response to “The BMW

  1. Reminds me of the BMW my dad ‘gave’ me when he emigrated. Horrendous old thing, an automatic (which I can’t get on with), fuel gauge that read permanently full (unfortunately not always true) and temperamental doors that would only open/lock if you obeyed the correct ritual (unlock one door, open the other). I never drove it beyond parking it outside my house… where the battery ran flat through disuse, which I discovered the day before the eBay buyer came to buy it… It fetched hardly more than the new battery.

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