If you are labouring under the impression that the witch family does nothing but eat while on holiday, you’re quite right. We don’t. And it looks like we won’t even be able to eat our way through all our usual eateries this year, as time is almost up.

Cakes at Börjes

Börjes is the most wonderful of bakers, in Harplinge village, near us. Situated in a 1950s house in the middle of Harplinge, it’s the third generation running this bakers and café. Never mind that the two sons trained to hunt or something, (according to gossip), I’m so glad they bake instead. Their bread is out of this world, and changes daily. Farmor’s (grandmother’s) loaf is the best of them all. With the whole village buying their bread from Börjes, you’d be lucky to find anything left to buy come mid afternoon.

Börjes Conditori

As for the patisserie, which you either eat in their 1950s style Konditori, or take home for private gluttony sessions, it’s very, very good. Their Prinsesstårta (a green gateaux) is simply the best. The witch and the Resident IT Consultant turned, well, about 27, a couple of years ago, and ordered several for dessert for the birthday party.

Börjes Princess Pastry

I have on occasion tried to interest Son in going to work there, in order to learn all their recipes. No success yet.

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