Roald Dahl day

I’m too old for Roald Dahl. Only just, but it’s enough for me not to have read him as a child. I began reading his books when Son did, mainly so that I would know what he was up to. Son grew faster than I read, so halfway through Roald Dahl I had to move on to other books. Daughter didn’t really read Dahl, as much as watch the films, so I lost an opportunity there to catch up.

I know I have said this before, but to my mind his best book is The Vicar of Nibbleswicke, which is still capable of reducing a grown witch to tears. Tears of laughter and losing it completely. Try it. Can particularly recommend reading it aloud. See if you can. I know that people my age shouldn’t enjoy words like krap and pis quite so much, but I do, so help me dog.

Second best to read are Roald Dahl’s autobiographical Boy and Going Solo. But that’s just my opinion.

3 responses to “Roald Dahl day

  1. square sweets that look round.

    brainwaves like these are what make dahl.

    i have to confess, like you, having never read dahl as a child (because i come from a country far far away whose primary colonial influence was hollywood) – but i did read his scary adult short stories after his horror series showed on TV. was it called Tales from the Unexpected? i loved it!

  2. Isn’t it amazing, Candy, that we have both turned out so well despite these foreign influences at a tender age, and the lack of what so many consider as the norm?

    Of course, Dahl is really Norwegian, so that may explain things.

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