Don’t Panic

When I saw the headline in the Guardian over Wednesday’s lunch, I very nearly screamed. Can’t they leave anything alone? Then I hurriedly skimmed for details as to which stupid children’s author thinks he/she can write a new Hitchhiker book. And it turns out it’s Eoin Colfer, and I immediately forgave him and Penguin and anybody else who may need forgiveness. It might just work. I hope. There are many of us who wouldn’t mind reading about Arthur Dent again. But can he do it? If anyone can, Eoin can. Let’s leave it at that.

I’ve got my towel standing by.


6 responses to “Don’t Panic

  1. 42!

    (It’s all I could think of to say…)

  2. When CERN was happening I was running around looking for a towel, some beer and some peanuts. I hoped to hitchhike!

    Plus he is called Arthur Dent not Artur Dent!

  3. 42 is considerably politer than pointing out my spelling errors. Pure carelessness, you know.

  4. yes, i forgave eoin colfer too.

  5. I’m hoping quantum zombies will feature…

  6. We can ask, I suppose. But they are sure to appear, because in a Hitchhiker book you get absolutely everything, sooner or later.

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