Dasha’s Journal

Dasha is a clever cat, and I’m glad I’ve got to read her journal on autism. She is very astute and has some good ideas about autism and especially about so-called normal people. I know that someone else could have written about autism like this, but because she is a cat Dasha manages to get away with some truths that might be a bit uncomfortable coming from a human.

Dasha's Journal

There are many, excellent books on autism, and it’s a good idea to read several of them, to get a look at autism from different angles. Most of the autism books I’ve come across are fairly conventionally put together. Dasha looks at things differently, from the cat/animal point of view. It’s a good technique in many instances, and should be practised more often. Maybe Dasha isn’t as polite about humans as she could be, but as she points out, many humans are not nice to either autistic humans or to animals either. They think they have the right to say they are better at things.

Dasha has a lot of experience, as she lives with an autistic human. Even with my own interest in and knowledge of ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), I have found lots of new things to think about. I realise I really must get round to reading Temple Grandin, for a start.

In her tales of other animals and their use of language, Dasha writes about Koko the gorilla, and I have taken a real liking to this clever creature. Whereas I personally like to eat “little stink balls”, I can quite see what an apt description this is. Please leave a comment below if you know what these balls are.

This journal is perhaps not as serious as some books are, but I believe we silly humans need to be shaken up a little by looking at ourselves through the eyes of other thinking creatures. They are not wrong, they are just different. Actually, there is one area that Dasha understands nothing about. Shoes. They are far more important than she thinks, and she could do with trying to grasp the concept that she may not need them, but I do. Lots of them.

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