Autumn Armadillo

Armadillo The latest issue of Armadillo is out now, so have a little look. I don’t say this just because they mention me, but it does prove how good they are at finding something interesting to say… There are several articles on different subjects, including Rhiannon Lassiter’s new project (a kind of book user’s wiki) and Mary Hoffman’s long interview with authors of pink fairy books. As usual there are book reviews, and I always enjoy comparing their opinions with mine. There will soon be new people taking over from Mary and Rhiannon, and it’s excellent news that Armadillo will continue to be published. Mary herself is about to start a children’s books blog. That sounds awfully familiar, somehow…

2 responses to “Autumn Armadillo

  1. Er, I’m sure that bit about it being excellent news that we are handing over to new editors didn’t come out QUITE how you intended! Thanks for the plug though.


  2. Just testing you, Mary, to see if you are as alert as always.

    Seriously, you’re right, and I have changed it, so now your comment won’t make sense. But it was the future of Armadillo I had in mind, which made it good news, not your departure.

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