Bambert’s Book of Missing Stories

Bambert's Book of Missing Stories Read this book to a child near you. Bambert’s Book of Missing Stories by Reinhardt Jung is the perfect read-aloud book, and I almost felt like going out and finding myself someone to read it to. It’s also a very beautiful book, with great colour pictures by Emma Chichester Clark. You could easily sit and study the pictures in detail for a long time.

The plot is a little bit strange, but very charming. Bambert is a lonely and slightly odd man who sends his stories out into the world and asks for them to be sent back to him. The stories he has written are so traditional in style that you feel you have read them before, except you probably haven’t. You know them, and you don’t.

It’s a melancholy sort of book, but not so sad that it’s not child friendly. Try it on your child, or borrow one.

3 responses to “Bambert’s Book of Missing Stories

  1. I know this is maybe a bit of a loaded question at the moment (!), but what sort of age group would you say this book is for?

  2. I’m no expert, but my gut feeling is from five if you read to them, and from eight or so, if they read themselves. But it obviously depends on the child.

  3. Bambert is one of my favourites, too, which I recommend regularly. I haven’t seen this beautiful edition, but will obviously have to get a copy.

    In answer to Claire’s question, I’d say it’s for anyone from seven to a hundred and seven. Impossible to categorise, like so many of the best books.

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