A Friday miscellany

Happy Birthday to Daughter! I didn’t really know this, but it would seem that becoming 16 is a bigger thing than silly old me could ever understand.

Thursday saw the witch back in Didsbury for another literary lunch. Adèle Geras had expressed an interest in meeting Kate Ellis, so I oversaw this event, in an Indian restaurant, which was empty apart from us three. Was it something we did? Kate and Adèle compared notes on how to write novels, and I sat there pretending to know all about it, too. 

The book world is small enough for everyone to have at least somebody in common, but I don’t believe there was anything incredibly juicy being said. I was far too cool to bring any books for signing, but Adèle brought a Kate Ellis novel with her to be signed. And we were so busy talking about other things, that the promised gossip from the Booker evening was forgotten. Typical.

Afterwards I made brief forays into a couple of charity shops for Christmas presents, and there was a coincidence involved, but I can’t mention it here, because then it won’t be a surprise.

4 responses to “A Friday miscellany

  1. It was good to see the Bookwitch and to meet Kate Ellis. The food was fantastic too….do not know at all why we were the only customers…

  2. The credit crunch? Everyone else bought sandwiches, or made their own. We’ll be down to a picnic in the park next time we meet.

  3. Happy birthday H!!! We’re slow with our cards, but get there eventually.

  4. Yes… Happy Birthday!!! A belated birthday in fact!

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