Out of print

Do you remember the saga of Nick Green and his Cat Kin books? Faber said they didn’t want to publish his second book, because the first one hadn’t sold enough copies.

Then Nick published the sequel, Cat’s Paw with POD Lulu. He has recently found somewhere else to have the book published, with a great new cover to match The Cat Kin, and with an ISBN, so that it can be sold in the big online bookshop.

Nick has just had to cancel a bookshop appearance, because the shop was unable to order copies of the first book, The Cat Kin. It seems it has sold out. I wonder if that still counts as not having sold well? So now there is a second book which doesn’t have a first book to match.

I suppose the good news is that Nick reckons that we hardy souls who bought the Lulu version of Cat’s Paw, own a very rare book. And mine is signed.

This is where I would have shown you the two matching covers, except something on Nicks website prevents me from grabbing the images. Look for yourselves.

2 responses to “Out of print

  1. Hello Ann – in fact, the saga is yet stranger. I have asked if Faber will now revert the rights to ‘The Cat Kin’ to me, so I can try to republish it elsewhere. Their current position is to claim that it is *not* unavailable, as they are (I quote) ‘successfully recycling their returns’. In other words, no, I can’t have the rights back yet.

    This puts Faber in a paradoxical position. On the one hand, they won’t publish the sequel because the first book hasn’t sold well enough. On the other, they won’t release the rights because the first book is selling too well. Now – which is it? Come on, Faber, which is it? This is called having your cake and eating it. And only my cats are allowed to eat my cake.

  2. You’d think it would be easier for them just to give in.

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