A little bit of yacht

I bought £5 worth of yacht last week. Good value, but I suspect it will be a very small minute kind of part of a yacht. That is a good thing, because I’m the seasick type, and much prefer pictures of boats, or to admire them from the shore.

You know the kind of thing. You get an email from someone who suggests you should part with some money. You delete, if you have any sense. But in this case I was so taken aback by the idea that a teenager would not only remember an old witch ten months after a brief encounter, but she had actually kept my email address!

And, it’s not every day that someone by the name of Jellyellie asks you for a fiver, to help her and her beloved James (very nice looking young man) buy a yacht, which they can live on. So, I did.

Jellyellie can usually be found on the Spinebreakers website, writing about teen books and authors. A bit like me, really. We’re colleagues, in other words. We met at the Puffin do last winter, and witches are so boring they are grateful for any conversation at all.

This is not a good time to be four fifths into buying a boat, or to be asking people for financial help, but I sort of felt that Jellyellie and James could have a little assistance from me. All you rich or bestselling writers out there, who have not yet lost your pension in the crash, might want to do the same on J&J’s website. There is something about young love and resourcefulness.

One response to “A little bit of yacht

  1. Shucks, I’m such a romantic dreamer too… I scribbled them a water haiku. I think I was persuaded because my current book-in-progress has a lot about boats and sailing and the sea in it, so it’s much on my mind.

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