Tidying up

Have you too been concerned about the state of Son’s room? He’s not had time to tidy up for the past couple of years, at least. He’s been in and out over a weekend here and there, and the mess had grown and the dust had reached unspeakable levels.

So, we have had some quality time this Christmas, with me watching him tidy up and lending moral support in his time of need and all that. Philip Pullman’s Book of Dust took on a new meaning as we tackled the bookcases, but now they are orderly and not overflowing, and less dusty for a short while.

Son’s desk has emerged again, and things look pretty good. The rest of the house looks worse, as the excess had to go somewhere else, but I trust it’s nothing that a trip to a charity shop won’t cure.

A good way to start the new year.

One response to “Tidying up

  1. Very much where my head is at right now too, Bookwitch (and have blogged on related topic). And I know what you mean about every other bit looking worse once one part is cleared out. Study next; I’m on a roll. Funny how such things can actually be enjoyable once you get into it; even true of doing your taxes! (No – did I really say that?)

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