I was so sure that Daughter would love it. But maybe ten was too early for Jean Webster’s Daddy-Long-Legs. She’d enjoyed the BBC Pride and Prejudice, and here was something equally romantic. I even got Daughter her own, brand new copy, and she started reading, but gave up halfway.

The reason she needed her own copy was that mine is so old that I couldn’t let her read it. Mean, or what? I think I must have borrowed the book from the library originally. Then one day the fairly newly wed witch and her Resident IT Consultant went to have afternoon tea with Miss M. The mother-in-law might have been dissatisfied with our low-key wedding, because she placed an ad in her local paper to announce the glad tidings. Soon after, a letter arrived from Miss M, who very politely asked our permission to give us a wedding present.

The rest of the world might not think book tokens very appropriate, but for a budding bookwitch they were perfect (who needs blankets and saucepans?). I did have to ask the Resident IT Consultant who this Miss M might be, never having heard of her. She had been his English teacher at school, so I asked what he had done to be remembered like this. Had he carried her bags for her? He had. Oops.

Anyway, some correspondence later, we had tea in Miss M’s 1930s bungalow, while visiting the in-laws. Miss M was a very lovely, old world lady. I could see that the bag carrying would be just the thing. Not surprisingly, we talked books, and when I enthused over Daddy-Long-Legs, Miss M got up and returned with her 1917 copy of the book and pressed it into my hands.

Hence the new copy for Daughter who has been known to scribble in books, almost as much as her naughty mother.

I think it could be time to try Daddy-Long-Legs on Daughter again. She’s rediscovering classics.

4 responses to “Daddy-Long-Legs

  1. Oh goodness–now I’m going to have to go and dig out my own circa 1931 copy and read it again. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Well, actually, it belonged to my grandmother and then mother–so it’s on the third generation. Thanks for asking though. 🙂

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