all dogs have ADHD

The witch is more of a dog person than a cat person, except I’m still not really into animals. I trust that I have alienated most of you by now?

The excellent book on cats and Asperger Syndrome by Kathy Hoopmann, has got itself a companion in “all dogs have ADHD”. It does for ADHD what the cute cat photos did for Asperger’s. It has got Kathy’s selection of brief descriptions on what ADHD is and what it means to “sufferers” and their families. And just as I found myself quite reassured by the cat book, then I would expect people with a connection to ADHD to feel better for reading this.

all dogs have ADHD

It’s interesting to reflect on how similar ADHD is to AS, despite the fact that they are almost each other’s opposites in many ways. I don’t think I know that many ADHD children, although in some cases you can almost guess who’s got it. I particularly love the sad puppy who’s not allowed to join in when the others play.

4 responses to “all dogs have ADHD

  1. I think I’d better get a copy, since Kerridwen the Tekel Goddess puppy and her small but doubtless badly behaved working cocker companion arrive in April to join the dastardly Dinmont and the wimpy Lab. I may possibly need some consolation when the kitchen is chewed to bits and the barking is at Volume Max.

  2. That’s a lot of dogs.

  3. I actualy have ADHD and possibly ADD but suprriseingly I dont have a copy of this amazing book I better get one.

  4. Yes Dave, do have a look at it. Sometimes a picture says more than quite a lot of words can.

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