Love That Dog

Before Hate That Cat came Love That Dog, and it’s caused tears to run down my cheeks again. Maybe I could do a piece entitled Quite Like That Sharon Creech?

The adorable Jack is back, or rather, he’s not back, because this came first. So this is the beginning of Jack, his introduction to poetry and the story of his lovely yellow dog. His dear Ms Stretchberry introduces Jack to computers and their spell-checking magic.

Ms Stretchberry also gets Jack and his friends going with the “let’s-invite-a-writer-to-our-school” idea. Jack’s hero is Walter Dean Myers, and a very nice poet he turns out to be.

This is first class feel-good writing.

2 responses to “Love That Dog

  1. Thanks, Witch. I shall go off and order it right now. I did Love that Dog, so am delighted to find it has a companion.

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