It’s just general incompetence

It might as well have been Friday 13th yesterday, considering how useless I was with whatever I tried to do. Perhaps I can coin a new phrase, Friday 23rd?

I wrote a blog post and forgot to publish it. I wrote another post and published it accidentally while trying to preview. (Readers in the US and in Australia probably wondered what was going on if they caught the publishings and un-publishings in the middle of the night.)

I did at least one thing right (and somewhere I’ve come across the idea that you should count every little good thing about a day that otherwise feels bad) when signing up to go to the Campaign for the Book in Birmingham on June 27th. Alan Gibbons is working hard for this, and he sends out emails with more and more alarming news on closures of libraries.

I should write letters about it. But I hope that blogging can count as halfway to writing letters.

Could we have one big get-together about all this in Birmingham, please? Lots of people have promised to come, but there are lots more who have yet to say.


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