Now we are two

years old. I’m almost beginning to feel like an old hand at this. And you know what? When I have to fill in stupid forms these days I very occasionally list myself as a writer. Just to annoy them a little, you understand. But it beats housewife. Or home maker.

Two years ago I thought I was jumping on the bandwagon a little late, but this January it looked like an awful lot of people had ‘Start a blog’ as their New Year’s resolution. And some of them did, and have made it to my bookmarked blogs list. It’s alarmingly long, this list, and I have had to prune and reorganise a little.

The nicest thing about all this, are the people I have met. Most of you I only see vague shadows of, and some leave comments, and some find themselves having to put the kettle on. But the idea of six degrees of separation feels likelier than ever. I feel I know people everywhere. A few years ago there was a programme on television about someone who tried to meet up with some random person in Mongolia. At the time I reckoned I could have got there faster, but blogging adds a dimension or two.

Now, when I need to find an answer to something, I’ve got a good idea of who to ask. You are a very useful lot, you know. But above all, you are nice.

Some of the new bloggers I mentioned are Laurie Frost, whose blog I’ll write more about in the next few days. Stephen Booth is finding time to blog, as well as everything else he does. Lucy Coats added her own blog to her daily regime, after finding blogging with the Awfully Big Blog Adventure so good she had to have more. The witch family has the blogger with a difference, with Daughter doing her Astronomy GCSE online, so that the teachers can keep track of her work. Sara Paretsky I have linked to before, and she continues with her mix of politics and    V I Warshawski. Reg Keeland who translated Stieg Larsson has also been seduced into blogging, and as languages are my interest too, I call in every so often.

Bookwitch’s little sister Culture is still a toddler, but doing well. Today I suggest you click here for some Heavy Metal. Yes, I never thought I’d say that, being thoroughly old and boring, but I saw this wonderful film about Canadian band Anvil the other day, and while you wait for its general release you can do worse than read what Culture wrote.

My dual personalities are beginning to take their toll now, so I’m off to dream about cake. Should be able to manage two candles.

And did I mention how lovely you all are?

15 responses to “Now we are two

  1. Happy birthday, and thank you for hours of entertainment, amusement and enlightenment.

  2. sorry… day’s, weeks, months or years are perhaps more accurate measures.

  3. havealittletalk

    Good bookwitch: we should be thanking YOU!!! I’ve found so many great sites and books via your blog, but mostly, visiting here is like getting a friendly letter in the mail every day.

    Or like being in college again, living in the dorms. There was this one guy whose room you could always go to and find someone to talk to — I don’t mean Jim himself, he was a quiet sort, but almost always there were other friends or friends of friends there. And on those rare occasions when it was “just” Jim, that was a special treat.

    Oh well, it’s eary here: all I really want to say is thanks for giving me a place to come to.

  4. ideala2 – it could be you are a fast reader!

    havealittletalk – Jim sounds nice.

  5. Happy Birthday, Bookwitch and many happy returns of the day!

  6. 2?!

    Ye don’t look a day over 1 and a half 🙂

  7. Oh, you’re sweet! Thank you.

  8. Happy Birthday, Bookwitch!

  9. Sweet enough to have some cake? 😉

  10. Happy Birthday!
    – and can you imagine, my blog is exactly one month old today! – and all the fun I have had already.

  11. Joyeux Anniversaire, Witch, and thanks so much for the blogmention, and also for introducing me to nice new ones. I’m loving the extra blogging so much, I’m even giving away a prize at Scribble City Central tomorrow–Bookwitches and all other lovely people welcome to enter the competition. My monthiversary won’t be till the 18th Feb though 🙂

  12. Daughter and I had a cup cake each at Cornerhouse this evening (check Culture tomorrow for details). She had lemon, I had coffee and walnut. I’d have bought extra ones if I’d thought.

  13. Happy Blog Birthday! 😀 I would tug your hair for the amount, then add on one more for luck and another to keep you going until next year…. but your a wee bit far away. 🙂

  14. I feel like a very proud mum. And you talk right good for a toddler.

  15. Hi, Mummy! I did ponder whether mother or midwife was the best term, but I think mother is right. They always are.

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