‘What kind of vegetable would you like to be?’

That’s the question Terry Pratchett asks himself when he thinks of his future. The second programme about Terry in search of answers to Alzheimer’s disease, was as interesting as the first, which was on last week. If you didn’t see the programmes, I recommend iPlayer, now. At least if you live in the right part of the world.

Terry and his PA have very differing opinions of Alzheimer’s. The PA wants to know ‘how long until..?’ and is appalled by the home in California they visit. Terry doesn’t want to know any time scales, understandably, but is strangely satisfied with the idea of the progressing units at the home.

I was half expecting to see him take an injection like the old Navy Commander had, but it seems Terry was more sceptical. In a way he’s right. There’s no knowing whether the temporary improvements for the Commander were in his best interests.

I’m hoping Terry will have many, many years at the stage he’s at now. He can’t tie ties, but who cares? We would love more Pratchett books, and Terry’s family would clearly like more Terry.


5 responses to “‘What kind of vegetable would you like to be?’

  1. A truly devastating programme, that. Terry P getting Alzheimer’s is as cruelly ironic and symbolic as Christopher ‘Superman’ Reeve being paralysed… and I’m sure Pratchett would come back with some pithy remark like, ‘At least it’s only symbolic for you, matey.’ At least he’s fighting the thing – and by fighting, I mean giving it such great publicity that the hunt for a cure can only be accelerated.

    I was deeply suspicious of that ‘miracle’ injection. How do we know that it wasn’t down merely to the tilting of the patient to increase bloodflow to the brain?

  2. havealittletalk

    My father has Alzheimer’s and dementia. When I visit him at the home where he stays, I feel as if surrounded by people attacked by Pullman’s Spectres. Interest in the world, their families, themselves–and that is worst of all– : gone.

  3. Christopher Reeve didn’t go quietly, and it doesn’t look like Terry Pratchett will either. The only thing here is that the world is showing an interest in a medical problem, which they wouldn’t if it’s just you or me.

    I thought the home in California looked depressing, so it’s interesting to notice that Terry could see something else there, and the chat he had with patients’ families was fairly encouraging.

  4. Well, since no one has so far answered the original question, I will. I should like to be either (and yes, I know this is cheating) a young broad bean. Love the idea of that cosy furry pod to snuggle up in. Or finocchio, slightly sweet and aniseedy with a crunch and that lovely feathery green top. You pipped me to the post, Witch. I was going to do a lovely blog on this myself! Maybe I still will 🙂

    I was incredibly moved by Terry’s programme. I’m not sure I could face up to what he has to with such humour and equanimity. I am determined to go to the Discworld Con 2010 even more now. I shall probably dress as Nanny Ogg with a vegetable in my pointy hat. AND I shall learn all the words to the Hedgehog Song.

  5. Lucy, you will do a lovely blog about Terry. I simply did a hasty report here. And I’m still undecided what vegetable I’d be.

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