Adèle’s out and about

Adèle Geras is being kept busy. She has been overseeing the mailing of proofs of Dido, which is out in May. I will read my copy as soon as it’s out of the hands of the Resident IT Consultant. Theft is rife in these parts.

As Dido isn’t out yet, that’s not what Adèle talked about in the local bookshop the other night. From what she herself tells me (your trusted bookwitch being so non grata, you can’t believe it) she read from Lily and talked about adult literacy. She seems to have a following, having been followed by fans from a recent synagogue event…

Adèle appeared with daughter Sophie Hannah, who read from her latest, The Other Half Lives. I have yet to read it, and I’m a little scared, as Sophie’s crime novels are just that bit scary. Shouldn’t be so wimpy, perhaps.

Tomorrow Adèle will be appearing in London at the Jewish Book Week in the company of Lynne Reid Banks (I so want to be there!), chatting to Geraldine Brennan. Then there is a writing workshop, which unfortunately is now fully booked. Not unfortunate for Adèle, but for anyone hoping to join. Tell them how to write, Adèle!

2 responses to “Adèle’s out and about

  1. If only it were as simple as knowing how to write, Bookwitch!
    Thanks very much for all the publicity!

  2. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows how easy it is to write children’s books. And crime. They’re not real books. (Only joking, of course.)

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