Red Nose Day 09

 Jacqueline Wilson and Tracy Beaker for Comic Relief

You wait forever (well, six months, generally) for a Jacqueline Wilson book, and then two come along at almost the same time. There is a new Tracy Beaker specially written for Red Nose Day, with £2 of the £2.50 price going to Comic Relief.

I didn’t read it immediately we’d bought it, because I was thinking Red Nose Day, but it’s all about Valentine’s Day, so I’m not sure if I left it too late. Tracy Beaker’s Thumping Heart feels a little incongruous as Tracy isn’t exactly your first romantic role model. But she’ll do.

In fact, Tracy isn’t my first Jacqueline Wilson favourite. As I was saying to Sally Nicholls on Thursday, when she called some of the other JW girls a bit wet, I am a bit wet, too, so that’s possibly why I find Tracy’s antics a little OTT.

Here Tracy receives a Valentine’s present from Peter, and things escalate from then on. She can say and do hurtful things, but her heart is OK, deep inside. The story begins with the postman on the 14th February, and ends with a brush with Basil Brush a week later. Basil is another non-favourite of mine, and his jokes haven’t improved for appearing in a Comic Relief book.

The Tracy Beaker fan in our house gives her full approval to the book, and that’s what counts.

(Photo borrowed from Red Nose Day on Flickr)

2 responses to “Red Nose Day 09

  1. Ah, you see I think Jacqueline Wilson should have stopped after Cliffhanger. I’ve found everything else after that a disappointment. Life is tough enough, thanks, Jac!

  2. I’m one of Jacky’s greatest fans, and I think it’s brilliant that she continues writing for everyone. I just love all the books she’s written. Maybe they do have their faults, but sometimes I guess it’s reality. Maybe she does end her books so suddenly, but that’s what runs my own imagination wild, and I think she’s a great role model.
    She isn’t a bad person, everyone’s heard and seen her. People can have their thoughts about her books, because they’re all individual, but why do they have to hold too much grudge against her at times? I’m not saying this cause I’m a fan, I’m saying this cause I’m just wondering. I’m just curious, really. Maybe life’s bad for them too?

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