Fairy godsisters

Be careful what you wish for.

Liz Kessler has been big in our lives. Her Emily Windsnap books came about five or six years ago, and we got them all, and Liz was one of the very brightest stars on Daughter’s authors’ sky. She also had the good fortune to meet Liz many times at our local bookshop, and what was nice was that she could talk to and relate to Liz in a way she didn’t with most people. In one of our many meetings Liz also ended up giving me a signed copy of Emily Windsnap in Japanese. The things that happen…

Anyway, Daughter got older, so that may be why I wasn’t paying attention to when Liz started dabbling with fairies instead of mermaids. The idea of a fairy godmother is quite a nice one, but I wonder if a fairy godsister actually sounds more fun. That’s what Philippa gets in Philippa Fisher’s Fairy Godsister. Her godsister Daisy turns up with three Wish Vouchers in a sparkling envelope.

And that’s where the care should come in. It’s so easy to want life to be different, but most of us don’t get the overnight change of life. Consider your trusted witch here. I’m a useless parent, but to Offspring I’m their useless parent. And that really popular girl at school? She will turn out to be awfully boring and awful.

I’d ask for money. Or would I?

This is a fun book for girls the right age (around ten, I’d say), with both action and something to think about. For me this book was less about being Philippa, and more about my right as a mother to wear whatever ghastly t-shirt I want. But it’s the same thing.

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