I have noticed that other book bloggers photograph the new books that plop through their letterboxes and post the photos on their blogs. However good they look, I’ve never had the urge, much. But there is always a first time, and I’ll blame this on that instinct to browse forever in stationery shops, drooling over notebooks and other wonderful must-haves.

When I enthused ‘a little’ about Debi Gliori’s velvet book covers recently, the lovely Lauren from Random stepped in, and sent me two velvet wonders. I thought the purple one I already owned was nicer than anything else, but just look at that blue and turquoise!

Velvet by Debi Gliori

I had barely caught my breath when, lo and behold, the red and green and black (are you thinking chocolate, now?) velvet arrived, courtesy of Debi herself. I haven’t photographed the signed pages, because if you could see how great they look you’d just be so jealous.

Will be carrying the books around as accessories to match my clothes in future.

I expect the stories inside the covers will be quite good, too.

3 responses to “Velvet

  1. Wow, you lucky so-and-so! :0)
    I have 3 books (1 for me, 1 for daughter and 1 for son) signed by Debi Gliori and she drew wonderful illustrations in them. It is so lovely when illustrators take the time to do a little drawing when they do signings.
    Still, I am a little bit jealous of this wonderful collection!

  2. Already jealous, just by looking at the books. We’re big fans of Debi – have all the velvet covers.

    How great do they look all together!?

  3. Oh, they are gorgeous!
    And I have already admired Debi Gliori´s writing style today – I saw her comment underneath your Sisterhood Award post 😀

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