A blog visit

It was an internet kind of weekend, if you don’t count the hotel which was unable to connect me to it. “Has madam ever used her laptop before, and has she gone on the internet in the past?’ Well, you tell me! Do you reckon I have enough internet experience after two years of boring you stiff?

Take away the internet, and I probably would have had to help the Resident IT Consultant mow the grass, instead of basking in the German spring sunshine. As it was, I was close to entering a competition with Lowebrow on our respective domestic dust levels at the very moment the Resident IT Consultant removed the dust I was about to boast about, from the chandelier. 

We both agreed that we waste a lot of time on the internet. But it brought us together, and many other valuable connections would also have remained unconnected. We spent a whole afternoon talking books and writing, and if there had been no plane to catch, we’d still be at it. 

Coming from a bilingual household, it was good to visit another, with a different mix of languages. I still don’t think it’s impolite to speak the ‘other’ language in front of people, and I quite liked being allowed to listen to German without having to try and speak it.

And it’s very useful to have found someone who wants the books I’m finished with. My suitcase very nearly burst with books, and that was before we added the Cheddar. Also fun to find a mother more forgetful than myself at times. Fancy asking your son if he takes sugar!

On the other hand, I’ve already forgotten if Gypsy is an English speaking dog or a German speaking one.

5 responses to “A blog visit

  1. Hehheh, Gypsy is multilingual.

    I’ve already read all 550+ pages of Michael Grant’s Gone. Awful. Bland writing, terrible characterisation, lots of pointlessness developments (and I’m not one to worry much about plot, but this is a novel that’s supposed to be all plot). No wonder I don’t care about publishing. Who wants to be classed with such rubbish?

  2. Good dog.

    Ah, maybe you’d like what I’m reading now. It’s set in Bad Münstereifel. Will blog about it within the next few days.

    Perhaps young readers will like Gone?

  3. Oh, I think a LOT of kids will adore Gone. Me, I’m just a nasty Elitist.

  4. BTW, the cheddar is already seriously reduced in girth. You’d best plan another crossover visit soon!

  5. Go carefully with the cheese. It has to last a while.

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