Troll Blood

It’s such a relief that books don’t go away, and that they don’t go mouldy. Having read Troll Fell when it had just come out, and Troll Mill before publication, I have no good explanation for my long delay in reading Troll Blood. I saw to my dismay, and slight hilarity, that the name on the accompanying press release nestled inside my copy of Troll Blood was of someone who has worked for another publisher for at least eighteen months.

Katherine Langrish’s first two books were really enjoyable, even for someone who doesn’t jump with joy over Viking historical fiction. I met Katherine for the launch of both her other books, and we talked about her next venture (this one) and it was fascinating to hear about her hands-on experience of sailing a Viking boat. I may have thought it was taking things too seriously at the time, but I can see now how useful Katherine’s Viking sailing class turned out to be.

Troll Blood is a fantastic story, and why on earth did I leave it so long? All I can do is urge others not to delay further. At a pinch I’d say you can read Troll Blood first, if you can’t wait.

Where Troll Fell and Troll Mill were set in old Norway, in a small community with trolls and other ‘fantasy’ creatures, Troll Blood is the tale of a trip across the sea to Vinland, and further adventures once the crew reach the new country far away.

The main characters are still the young boy Peer and his (girl)friend Hilde. The two of them set sail with the other people on the boat, some of them nice and ordinary and others not quite so pleasant or friendly. There is an interesting subplot set in amongst the ‘Native Americans’, if I may call them that. I wouldn’t mind reading more about them.

My over-sensitive eyes would have preferred Peer to be called Per, and I have never come across an Arnë with an umlaut. But that’s a minor quibble. Read Troll Blood. Soon.

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