Flood and Fang

Marcus Sedgwick has branched out with a series of books for younger readers, and the first one is called Flood and Fang, and is out now. The Raven Mysteries (and it’s not every book that has a raven as its protagonist) should appeal to the customers of Lemony Snicket and Philip Ardagh. It certainly appealed to me, although I might not have chosen it in a shop, on account that it looks a little young for me.

Edgar (that’s the raven) is considerably older than me, than most other creatures, in fact, so the story is in good hands. He’s a little vain, but he’s also intelligent and caring and brave. His people, the Otherhands, are a bit strange, rather in the vein of the Addams family.

In Flood and Fang the Otherhand Castle is under threat from, well, a flood, and some fangs. Quite a few fangs, actually. The castle has a mind of its own, which I suppose can come in useful, though not in this book. Maid-eating monsters are always interesting, and luckily the Otherhand family have a few maids to spare.

This is an intelligently written book, with an interesting use of language. Futhork. Gasp. Urk.

Lovely illustrations on every page. And the Otherhand daughter, Solstice, is a beautiful Goth, and very fond of Edgar. So we like her. You will, too.


3 responses to “Flood and Fang

  1. Thanks Bookwitch!

    Really glad you liked it, because there are another five on their way…


  2. Gasp indeed, Marcus. Don’t write too fast, and maybe I can keep up.

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