Witch Baby

As the title suggests, Witch Baby and Me, is a perfect book for a bookwitch. It’s aimed at younger readers, but Debi Gliori is so clever with her use of language, that it’s fun to read even at my vast distance from the age of eight, or thereabouts.

When the really ghastly witches up in Scotland want a baby, they do it the ‘easy way’ (hah) and let someone else give birth to the witch baby. Trouble is, the Witch Baby has a once in a blue moon kind of older sister, and she can see the new baby is a witch, even if nobody else can. But poor Lily can’t make anyone believe her.

So that’s OK, then.

Witch Baby Daisy has a sometimes visible dog companion called WayWoof, which she adores. It smells rather. And Daisy does not like vampies. (I think we may be dealing with werewolves and vampires here. Very fashionable.)

WayWoof and Witch Baby

Then it turns out that once in a blue moon people are less rare than imagined, and the witches need to act. They also need to learn about the internet.

Lots of fun, and I believe there is more, and more to come. Adorable pictures, Debi! WayWoof is cute, and I can’t smell him from here.

7 responses to “Witch Baby

  1. That’s a dog? It looks like something out of the Moomin books.

  2. It’s an imaginary werewolf. I think. The smelly kind.

  3. “Which baby” as some of my students would write – which probably proves that they don´t know the difference.
    This sounds like a really fascinating book, full of useful witch lore.

  4. Well, Dorte, Debi calls herself a witch. I’ll see if that’s true when I meet her later in the year.

  5. Thankyou bookwitch. I’m delighted you like the drawings. I’m just about to draw the next 145 illustrations for the third book in the series, so if I go a little quiet and a deep frown appears between my brows, that’s why.

    And thankyou Another Anne – WayWoof may well have been the illicit lovechild of the Snork Maiden and the Groke – but that, as they say, is another story ( and possibly not one you would wish to read to small people)

  6. *ponders fact that the Groke was female*

    *head explodes*

  7. Anne, it was nice knowing you. Shame about the head.

    Anyway, girls rule.

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