Carrot soup with Adèle

Adèle Geras

Daughter and witch invaded the Geras’s household yesterday, wielding notebook and camera, for the long overdue Adèle Geras interview. We were treated to some seriously tasty carrot soup, salad and bread and cheese. Also strongly suspect Adèle had emptied her greengrocer’s supplies of grapes and strawberries. One such luxury would have been more than enough!

Adèle had laid a very fresh and springlike table for us, with totally up-to-date plates in green and blue. Except it turns out it’s spring every day for Norm and Adèle, as they eat off their wedding present crockery. Swedish, naturally, from Gustavsberg, which goes to prove not only that it hasn’t broken in 41 years, but that it’s as fashionable as ever.

Finally got to meet Norm, who doesn’t like leaves in his salad. He doesn’t know what he’s missing, is what I say. Daughter admired his cricket book collection, which I had heard of before. How can you fill a whole room with books on cricket? I mean, not so much why you’d want to, but how can there be so many? Daughter, who incidentally didn’t have any carrot soup, also had a go at playing Norm’s piano, which she declared to be very good.

I did have my list of questions for Adèle, in case the conversation dried up, but unsurprisingly it didn’t. She tried to have a peek at them, upside-down, which was doomed from the beginning, as I wouldn’t dream of writing notes in English. We talked, and we talked. Then we admired Adèle’s desk and looked at some more bookcases, and were given books to take home. And a poster of the new book, Dido, which is out next month. Even got to touch a real live hardback copy of Dido.

I will now struggle for a while over this interview, because the better you know a ‘subject’, the harder it gets. Or so I believe.

6 responses to “Carrot soup with Adèle

  1. I can’t wait to get my hands on ‘Dido’!

  2. It was a great pleasure to see you both, Bookwitch….looking forward now to the interview which didn’t feel like an interview at all. Must be witchy magic!

  3. Norm has a comment to make about those cricket books here:

    A fraction…

  4. What a tasteful post 🙂
    Is it true that you never write notes in English? – I find myself doing that more and more.

    I have given your blog an award, by the way. Could you please come by and pick it up?

  5. Ann, I am running a survey on book blogging and would be ever so grateful if you’d participate.–click-here-to-take-survey.html
    Many thanks in advance.
    Cheers, Rhian

  6. Dorte,
    I need some privacy, so I do interview questions, reminders and notes from talks/events in Swedish. Stops all those people who look over your shoulder. Most of them. Quotes I do as they are said, obviously. But we are generally very Swenglish in these parts.

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