The 2009 Carnegie shortlist

Yippee! At last a shortlist where the lazy witch has read every single book! Very nice list, very nice books. It’s traditional to say let the best book win, but which one?

I have enthused about them all. Can’t say more than that.

Frank Cottrell Boyce, Cosmic

Kevin Brooks, Black Rabbit Summer

Eoin Colfer, Airman

Siobhan Dowd, Bog Child

Keith Gray, Ostrich Boys

Patrick Ness, The Knife of Never Letting Go

Kate Thompson, Creature of the Night

Actually, as the Guardian points out, it’s a ‘boy’ sort of list. That is good.


8 responses to “The 2009 Carnegie shortlist

  1. I am racking my brains for any obvious glaring omissions…can you think of any??

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  3. There are lots of books not on the list, but my main feeling was that I wasn’t surprised by those on the list. That’s not to say that books totally unknown aren’t good, but to me this selection feels more ‘even’.

  4. Normally I don’t feel guilty when faced with book lists, short or long… but I do here.

    I actually own two of the books, one of which I still daren’t touch, the other of which went on a holiday without me, and only just turned up in the car, somehow.

    But I haven’t read any yet. Sorry.

    Congratulations to them all though.

  5. Which book went on holiday and where did it go? Did it have a good time?

    I know which book you’re afraid of reading in the bath, which just leaves the other six.

  6. It was, rather appropriately, colfer’s Airman.
    I knew i’d bought it alongside two others as part of a 3for2. ‘Knife’, and ‘Numbers’ both sat around patiently waiting to be read…
    Airman just went. I belive the terminology around these parts is… it just ‘poofed’.
    turned up in the car with a friend- one of dan brown’s novels, which is a little old to be hanging around Airman, if you want my opinion.

  7. i’m feeling slightly less guilty. i just realised i have The Knife Of Never Letting Go.

    only slightly less guilty mind… it’s on -that- pile. I read of an author who has a whole bookshelf made up of books he should have read… i wouldn’t know where to start.

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