Irish crime on (Irish) television

There’s a lot happening on the Irish crime front. I mean fictional crime. Two great novels published this week. The one on Monday. And the one tomorrow… I found this blog last week ( I read the blog every day, but this blog post was up last week), which has links you can click on to bring you three snippets from Irish television, interviewing four of their best crime writers.

Not sure about that bright blue pullover against a backdrop of red and yellow, Declan. Otherwise very nice pullover. Wonder if black and grey goes better with the darkness of crime and the coolness of being a crime writer? 

So if you have a spare half hour, pop over and see Tana French, Brian McGilloway, Colin Bateman and Declan Burke. I don’t think we get very much of our neighbouring country’s literary figures over here. They all think they’re Americans, but they are good.

One response to “Irish crime on (Irish) television

  1. Here is a link to an interesting list of Irish crime writers in the Guardian.
    The weird thing is that I had had the very same idea at much the same time. Great minds…

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