At home with Adèle Geras

Today I bring you the Adèle Geras interview, which is long overdue. I kept feeling I wanted to ‘do her’, but I was never quite sure how to tackle someone I know better than many other writers. So if I’ve omitted something, it’s probably because familiarity made me forget. And I have said this before, but Adèle does talk a lot about other people. Hence all the mentions of everyone else in the children’s book world. I’ve also left the interview more or less as it happened, because it usually works very well just leaving Adèle to it.

Adèle was my ‘first’, so she will always be special to me. We met when she came to Offsprings’ school library, and I was standing by with coffee and biscuits, fully expecting a ‘Grande Dame’. Don’t know why. Must have been the glamour of a real live author. Adèle was so normal and matter-of-fact that I realised authors are just people, too.

And who else would have agreed to be my literary Tupperware author? My friends are still talking about that evening.

Hope you like her as much as I do.

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