Going to Debi’s

It’s only slightly petrifying, going to visit Debi Gliori. I happened to read her latest Witch Baby and me at School, which was not reassuring in the slightest. I quote (and this is from a book aimed at young children, you know) ‘It’s only been a few hundred years since they barbecued the last witch in Scotland. If they did it then, they can do it again.’

Quite. I’m going to lunch. Will I be lunch? (Without magic it could be rats and nettles. I have been known to feed people nettles. It’s only because they are hard to come by that it doesn’t happen more often. But never rats. I’m fairly sure of that.) Debi reckons she is a witch, too. I’ll have to hope for nettles, then.

So. I liked this Witch Baby book, too. I kept thinking I don’t need books aimed at people more than 45 years younger than me, but these books are so very funny. We’ll have some intelligent people growing up, if they have read about the Witch Baby. Very intelligent books, as well as amusing. This book is about being The New Child at school. Not fun. But you can overcome the difficulties if you try.

I suspect that at least Toad is a very nice person. There must be a perfectly good reason she turned into a toad. Less sure about the Chin and the Nose, her sisters, but they are getting quite feeble, really. Not only is their Witch Baby a handful and a bit, but the normal toddlers are hard work, as toddlers tend to be.

The illustrations are absolutely adorable. I love Witch Baby, and I almost love WayWoof.

Will have to see what Debi’s dog is like. Hope the smell isn’t quite as strong.

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