2009 Guardian longlist

It’s that time of year again; time for the longlist for the Guardian Children’s Fiction prize. The only reason it feels strange to me, personally, is that I’d expect to be on a plane going away for half term. But those blasted GCSEs have moved my plane experience. Don’t worry, I’ll be going away later.

So, this is what they have chosen:

Bernard Beckett, Genesis

Siobhan Dowd, Solace of the Road

Sally Gardner, The Silver Blade

Morris Gleitzman, Then

Julie Hearn, Rowan the Strange

Mal Peet, Exposure

Terry Pratchett, Nation

Marcus Sedgwick, Revolver

I have read four of these. I’ll leave it to you to use my search facility to find which ones. That way you get a lot more for your money today. Two more are quivering on the front row of the TBR book arrangement. And one I have heard of, and one I haven’t.

You’ll be wanting a prediction for the shortlist, won’t you? Hard. Three of them will be Siobhan, Sally and Morris. The fourth will be either Mal, Terry or Marcus. I’m not seeing clearly enough for more detail.

And if you are very young (hah), you can compete here.

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