All at sea

Or Båtsalongen, as ‘Vi’ calls its annual literary event. ‘Vi’ being the Swedish magazine I read every month, and Båtsalongen is – I think – 24 hours at sea with authors and books. You board the ferry to Finland in Stockholm one afternoon, and dine in style. There are talks by authors, dancing in the evening, and the next morning after breakfast there are more author talks. And there is lunch. Smörgåsbord, I suspect, since it’s at sea. Book signings, obviously, and lots of books for sale. And then in the afternoon you’re home again.

It’s a very popular event, and I gather that you need to book for next year now, just after this year’s trip ended. There are two things that would make me hesitate. One is that I don’t fancy vomiting over any authors, let alone my favourites. The other is that ‘Vi’ never say who they have coming. So in theory you could end up with a boat load of writers you hate. It’s what Swedes call ‘buying the pig in the sack’.

Other than that, the idea has merit. What they do when the authors turn green mid-speech is another matter.


3 responses to “All at sea

  1. On the other hand, it’s the perfect opportunity to vomit all over authors you hate, or for those you really hate, to slyly push them overboard and no one the wiser.

    Think about it. If there is any suspicion, it’s a boat full of crime fiction writers. Everyone’s a suspect. I am surprised no one has thought of using this means to settle scores already.

  2. Oh. On second glance, maybe they aren’t all crime writers. I guess just being Scandinavian doesn’t guarantee that that’s what you’ll be writing these days, although anyone with any sense would be a fool not to jump on that gravy train.

  3. What a criminal mind you have, Seana. No, they’re not all crime writers, so even more reason for vomiting/pushing overboard or any other sly behaviour. There is a little writing, other than crime, in those far flung cold countries, but this recent interest in Nordic crime is something the rest of the world has to plead guilty to.

    Better late than never, though.

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