Big Beat From Badsville

The witch is pleased to announce that Donna Moore, of Go To Helena Handbasket fame, has yet again taken up blogging. It’s really very, very annoying when amusing people don’t blog moore. Donna did some blogging while she was being eaten alive by Alaskan bears, carting her vast shoe collection and far too many packets of crisps round that large American state last year. And then she stopped. Pah.

Dinner Friday Night

I heard from her recently, just after the CrimeFest in Bristol, and she told me they’d been back for dinner at the place that did my birthday tealights last year, and they’d even sat at the same table. There was a blogger from Philadelphia sitting on ‘my’ chair, and I’m still waiting for an explanation.

Anyway, Donna has taken the plunge with a Scottish crime blog so now I finally have moore to read. Hopefully there are fewer bears in Glasgow.

(I think I may have stolen the photo from Declan Burke. Thanks, Dec!)


2 responses to “Big Beat From Badsville

  1. I agree that Donna´s blog is good news! Thanks to Maxine, I found it the other day, and it is just what one needs on a rainy, headachy (i.e. typical) May day

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